What do I get?

An innovative network with a complete new approach to innovation with the driving force to continuously develop and collaborate to build the smart, sustainable and viable city.

A reality testbed: an area of 3 km2 with real conditions constitutes of real-time data over Gävle. You collect data through crowdsourcing, sensors, testing of products and services.   

A geographical datazone: a data lake containing data from the reality testbed. The data lake will continusely expand over time. 

A platform with toolsfor both professional developers and beginners.

An interactive, VR-enabled 4D modelmirroring the reality testbed.

A virtual communityfor sharing data, coding, apps, experiences, pick up challenges etc..


How do I join?

Become a member by registering an account on the website. This will provide access to tools, data, challenges and the community. Private individuals go for free and can register an account on the website. This allows access to read all cases and access to development tools with open data.

Citizens: Civillians join the arena for free.

For more advanced users

Academy and research: Join the arena for free.

Member: I want to join the community, marketing my products, find co-operations and participate in projects.

Membership fee: 1000 SEK/year.

Collab: I go all in! I share my resources, software, data and participate in projects. My contribution would give others the opportunity to innovate and develop new solutions or applications. In addition, I will contribute by adding data to the data lake, whenever possible.  

Confidential member: I want to run a project, use all the resources in the arena but for one reason or another I do not want to share my project with others.

Membership fee: To be negotiate with the Collab group.