“With GIA, brand new business opportunities are opened for 4Dialog where we can test new technology ideas around advanced visualization and make them efficiently evaluated before deciding on launch in the open market.”

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“Lantmäteriet sees great opportunities in Gävle Innovation Arena, trying to open geodata and people can use it for innovation that leads to improvements in society.” - Mats Snäll, Head of Digitalization Lantmäteriet ”

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“Digitization constantly creates new opportunities for citizens and society. But competition is tough and we need to be helped to create an attractive and successful region when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. Who knows? An idea or concept may lead to something big if it gets the chance to develop in the innovation arena. Read more about Knowit Gävleborg”

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“For us, the Gävle Innovation Arena is a way to keep up with technology development. New technologies bring new challenges to communication and content. Being part of a context where the boundaries are explored and relocated is inspiring and instructive - Robert Åsberg, Twist and Shout”

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“We believe that GIS and geographic information is an important engine for data-driven innovation and community development. Therefore, it is exciting to be able to contribute to the technical platform for data management and development." says Rikard Birgersson, Sales Manager at Esri Sweden.”

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“Already in July 2004, as the second higher education institute in Sweden, the University of Gävle was environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. This certification comprises education and research in collaboration with the surrounding community. Clearly, we are at the forefront when it comes to working with sustainable development and we are immensely proud of this fact. ”

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“We believe that we need new solutions and new ways of working to address the solution to the identified in sustainable development goals 2030. We firmly believe that the smart, sustainable and viable society of the future is created by helping, sharing and interacting and that this it in turn leads to increased health and quality of life for citizens.”

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“"Gävle is growing and this is an exciting initiative from FPX to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, organizations and creative people to create innovations. We, as a municipality, help to open up GIS-data which is an asset in the Gävle Innovation Arena to get more innovations and new forms of entrepreneurship in Gävle. " says Johan Tunhult, Business Manager at Gävle Municipality.”

Read more about Gävle kommun

“To face challenges and create opportunities it is key to establish an arena where people can meet . Innovation is created when thoughts and experiences intertwine to find new perspectives and solutions. That is what Fujitsu Co-creation is all about. Therefore are we looking forward to contribute to the innovation system together with the other collabs in the arena.”

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“How Gävle Innovation Arena together with Gävle Citysamverkan's own data can be used and applied to create new innovations and applications. Innovations and applications, which in turn lead to sustainable urban development from a central perspective.”

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