Data categories

Agriculture, fishary, forestery and food

Here you will find data about animal populations, statistics on food production, forestry data and related information.

Economics and Finance

Data regarding economics and finance.

Education, Culture and Sport

Here you will find data about preschools, cultural environment, antique areas, ancient monuments, churches


Data regarding railways


Data from real time sensors, statistics on waste, pollution and maps of hazardous materials and brown fields in the city

Global Issues

No items yet

Government and the Public Sector

Data regarding electoral areas and results from 2014


Health services and statistics.

Labour Market

No items yet

Population and society

Voting, income, social trends, population statistics and anything population related.

Regions and Cities

All about city planning, traffic, services and more.

Science and Technolgy

Here you can get information about railways

Security and safety

Data regarding, traffic, roads and railways


Here you can get information about railways




More about the data lake

The datazone is continuously growing and the our vision is that all the information about buildings, traffic, roads, air quality, accidents, health, safety and more, should be stored and converted to bits and bytes in Gävle.

Ones you have registered you get access to different kinds of data, such as:

- Open data

- commercialized data

- confidential data

Access data

Open and commercialized data is accessible in ArcGIS and the 4D-model.

Register on the website to get an account for access to data and tools.

Confidential data is used in specific projects and special agreements must be signed.

Register or contact the GIA service manager.  

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