Issue Reporting - Challenge

Imagine getting to your workplace, or to your school, and finding a fluorescent lamp blinking, an element valve leaking, a window is broken or it is leaking water from the ceiling. Anything that needs to be addressed. What are you doing? Of course, you want to report the issue so someone will get there and fix it. Who are you contacting? That is not obvious. Imagine there is an APP for the Issue Reporting that you open and then take a photo of the damage. The APP then uses image and position to find out who is the property owner and then sends the information to the "right" person.

The challenge is to use existing poor GPS positioning together with avaliable technolgies such as cameras and motion sensors in mobile phones and create a better indoor and underground postioning. In addition we might need a good representation/model of buildings both indoor and underground.

Who wants to take on the callenge to create a design for this. 

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