The story about Gävle Innovation Arena


The story of Gävle innovation arena origins from a profound and deep urge of doing something different and look at things from completely different angles and perspectives. As well as a deep understanding that the road to success is spelled inclusion, collaboration, co-creation, crowdsourcing, generosity and sharing. The collab community is a live evidence to prove this right!

The first ground-breaking for the foundation of the arena was made 1974 when the land survey authority was located to in Gävle, since then a rich community of companies, organisations and academy prospered around GIS, GIT and Geotagged data in the Gävleborg region. Year 2013 Vinnova awarded a Vinnväxt initiative to the region of Gävleborg, GeoLife Region was born.

There are several major events that has had a great impact on the design, construction and functionality of the Arena as for example the creation of the stratergic co-operation program smarta städer/viable cities where the government concluded that the ongoing urbanization entails a growing environmental impact. Urbanization and demographic trends can create opposites between populations and challenges of issues such as health and care. At the same time, there are great opportunities in the cities and communities to meet the challenges effectively - for example through effective infrastructure solutions and by the clever use of the built environment and shared by many. The region of Gävleborg has great potential to hold on to its position as a forerunner for sustainable urban, suburban and rural development, and it will be important to take advantage of the innovative power and the technical tools available today. To break the focus on vertical organisational and process isolation. By testing new solutions, the program contributes to a more sustainable society while opening up businesses to do business that strengthens and regional competitiveness. The needs of man in the city and community are centered on knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Innovation for sustainable growth

Another large influence has been Testbed Sweden that was launched 2016 as an initiative from the government to join forces around the innovation climate to maintain Sweden’s position as one of the world's most innovative and competitive countries. But competition is harsh. More and more countries can offer attractive environments for global knowledge-based companies. In order for Sweden to maintain its prominent position as a research and innovation country the program, focus is on getting more innovation, more innovative growth companies and more jobs from the state-owned investment in R & D. This means that more Swedish innovations can benefit and contribute to sustainable growth.

The customer centric and co-creation principles are inspired by the Living labs methodology where Bothnia living labs in Luleå has been one the greatest forerunners in Sweden. Botnia is a world-leading environment for user-centered research, development and innovation (RDI), instrumented by methods, tools and experts, for interaction with user groups.

All in all, Gävle Innovation Arena is the natural result and continuation of great initiatives in Sweden and around the world where the Collabs contributed with different parts, resources, perspectives and functionality to create an inspiring, productive and collaborative environment to promote, create and produce research solutions and innovations for the future smart, sustainable and viable city.

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