New Workshops for Collabs and Members

Gävle innovation Arena (GIA) starts four new workshops for Collabs and Members.

The workshops will meet to share information concerning needs and

possibilities in areas important for the progress of GIA.


The four groups and proposed goals for the workshops are:


  • proactively eliminate common known legal/regulatory/political risks
  • regulate commercial guidelines for GIA

Crowd Sourcing

  • identify the need and ability to collect data through crowd sourcing
  • identify classification and possible privacy filtering of collected data
  • develop techniques for retrieving/leaving the "static" and "dynamic" crowd sourcing data in the Data Lake

Data Management/API

  • identify the need for APIs to retrieve/leave "static" and "dynamic" data in the Data Lake
  • share knowledge of existing (proprietary and other) APIs
  • design and develop the APIs needed

Representation/Visualization of dynamic entities (DE)

  • create opportunities to connect DE to GIA
  • create understanding of the need for frameworks for DE
  • identify the need of common symbols, symbols libraries and presentation techniques to visualize "dynamic" data where necessary
  • describe common "rules" for form, detail levels, accuracy and reliability
  • share knowledge of excisting symbol libraries and presentation techniques


Both agenda and result from the workshops will be published on our homepage.

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