Hackathons to create innovation

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X-hack is a one-year project to test, develop and implement the tool of Hackathons. Future Position X is doing the project together with the Norwegian cluster Global Center of Expertise (GCE) NODE and Latvian IT Cluster. The project focus on building competence and R&D cooperation with national and international partners.

The main interest is to explore the use of  Hackathons to create innovation, international competitiveness and build capacity in our cluster organizations. We want Hackathons to be a strategic tool of development in our innovation work.

For FPX, this knowledge will be disseminated to our Strategic Collaboration Partnership. Our partnership clusters will be invited to gain knowledge and experience from our actions.

Industry-level hackathon concept based events

  • Bring together tech and manufacturing industries to facilitate mutual understanding and practical dialogue.
  • Generate ideas for new products/services/processes/concepts to improve efficiency and competitiveness of industries.
  • Experience exchange between project Clusters of organizing x-industry or technology adoption events.


The project goals are to secure competitiveness, enhance the development of new products and services, and transfer knowledge and technology to new markets in a sustainable way. The main interest is to create awareness and cross-industry collaboration among industries, bringing IT and global energy and maritime industries together to learn from, build new products, pursue new business ideas and increase overall business potential.

Contact person

Per Andersson
Process Manager Academy & Research,
Future Position X